Sub-theme 3a - Does poor partitioning of C and N limit chickpea N2-fixation efficiency?


To define the mechanisms limiting chickpea nodule efficiencies, we will conduct comparative studies of carbon distribution, N capture (direct and indirect pathways), N redistribution and potential N loss (NH4+ efflux out of nodules) within N2 fixing grain legumes. We will make use of differing chickpea populations to identify genetic diversity in nodule activities including, fixation rates, nodule structure, rhizobial preferences (Theme 3d), and direct N acquisition. In combination with Theme 2a, we will look for biomarkers by profiling N and C distribution patterns across developmental time courses in chickpea nodules, roots and shoots using metabolite and transcriptional profiling.

Quantify chickpea N2-fixation activity (fixation, N use, N loss) and understanding the underlying limitations that create inefficiencies in chickpea. Selection of germplasm and traits that favour efficient N2-fixation and improved N utilisation.

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