Sub-theme 2b - Modeling and physiological testing of C-gain, NUE and WUE


The measurements in Theme 1b will be used to develop an environmentally-driven, process-based model of C gain and water loss (Whitehead et al., 2002), linked to a growth model based on C and N allocation (Landsberg & Waring, 1997) to predict chickpea yield, water use efficiency (WUE) and nitrogen use efficiency (NUE). C and N allocation will be informed by detailed analysis of chickpea N utilisation (symbiotic and direct root uptake) developed in research Theme 3b. The model will be tested by whole-system measurements of C, water and N exchange using replicated lysimeters in two field sites (Narrabri and Camden) and contrasting genotypes. A combination of metabolomic tools (GC-TSQ, LC-qTOF), gas exchange and isotope analysis will also be used to quantify WUE and NUE on the basis of the chemical characteristics of yield. These measurements will also estimate the sensitivity of pod development to changes in plant health influenced by abiotic stress. Models will be tested with drought treatments across development growth stages and evaluated against rotational wheat growth responses.

Virtual experiments to guide production of plant ideotypes for specific environmental conditions.

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