Official Launch

The ARC Industrial Transformation Hub Legumes for Sustainable Agriculture was officially launched October 2016.

About Us

The Legumes for Sustainable Agriculture (LSA) Research Hub aims to provide Australian growers and industrial stakeholders with improved plant materials to maximise production, environmental sustainability and profitability. In particular, the research aims to improve the nitrogen delivery capacity of legumes and their resilience to abiotic stress, which will be an important consideration as our climate changes.

Why is it critical to invest in agriculture now?

Why research should be focussed on legumes?

The LSA HUB will investigate ways to improve grain legume productivity through the management of abiotic stress.

Our aims are to:

  1. Develop grain legumes for increased resilience to abiotic stress.

  2. Optimise plant resource partitioning to enhance the efficiency of yield production under stress.

  3. Enhance N2-fixation of grain legumes for annual and rotational crop production.

Our research is divided into three research areas.

Who We Are

Legumes for Sustainable Agriculture is a collaborative research program that includes researchers from a range of national and international universities and agencies.

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The research is funded by the Australian Research Council through the Industrial Transformation Hub scheme, the Grains Research and Development Corporation, the contributing Universities (shown above), the NSW Government (Department of the Chief Scientist and Engineer), the Government of South Australia (South Australian Research and Development Institute) and the NSW Wheat Research Foundation.

ARC Industrial Transformation Research Hub IH140100013 titled "Legumes for Sustainable Agriculture"

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